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The triune God is our Lord and Savior.  Through His Word He guides our lives and our life together.




100_2623Pastor Josh Moldenhauer

Pastor Josh has faithfully shepherded this congregation since August of 2008.



Oziah Wales, Resident Organist



The Church Council is made up of the following 6 positions plus the pastor: President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Evangelism Deacon, and Buildings & Grounds Deacon.  The Council is elected by the Voters’ Assembly and charged with acting on its behalf to carry out the business of the congregation.

Here are the current Church Council members at Grace:

President – Fred Feddeck

Vice-President – Glen Fridenstine

Recording Secretary – Lee Anne Christner

Treasurer – Andy Karp

Evangelism Deacon – Bob Scherry & Sue Walker

Buildings & Grounds Deacon – Dale Rider


The Board of Elders assists the pastor in overseeing and caring for the spiritual growth of the members and visitors of Grace. 

The current Elders at Grace are

Paul Castle

Greg Christner

Glen Fridenstine.